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Baseline Search for Buyers, Sellers, Partners worldwide

WCN CTMI GBX, established over two decades ago, is a buy-sell-offer-search database. GBX collects specific, short-term business opportunities and trade leads from all around the world....Listings and Searches for buyers, sellers, partners, resellers, trade representatives, joint ventures, asks & bids…GBX now comes in two versions that are combined in the database listings and search:

As always, a
free listing version for short-term opportunities limited to a 4-month period, and

starting in late December 2017, a new extended version called GBXL that is good for 12 month (with renewal options) and has extra options compared to GBX, such as links to your company logo, brochures / online shop. GBXL is priced at only US $ 18 / yr. GBXL is a good way to have your company's 'business card' displayed at one of the world's premier business site.

For even more powerful impact and options for a business to compete internationally, please visit
ChamberTrust Pro. It includes local business verification and a variety of additional options and can also act as your 'home page' with a trusted-brand address, as well as reduced-cost access to other international tools such as the powerful CTMI Chamber-eVault for intellectual property protection and trade documentation. ChamberTrust Pro also includes the possibility to add a monthly press release by your company at WCN CTMI.

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Can you publish an opportunity for free or purchase the GBXL Option ? 

Any company, from any country, interested and/or engaged in export and/or import can publish a search/offer opportunity, as long as it is looking for a regional, national or international partner.

*If you do not have a website or reliable service provider, use the WCN CTMI ChamberTrust as your home base !




What are the benefits ?

f you have a precise short term search/offer, GBX is the place to be! It brings the global visibility of WCN CTMI and its focused qualified audience: exclusively companies, from all around the world, interested in export/import opportunities.

GBXL takes this a step further with its longer duration and extra features, going from a specific short-term business opportunity listing (i.e. to sell off extra inventory) to a genuine business-card and business description at the World Chambers Network and related sites.

Four easy steps to get GBXL

(GBXL signup in late December, 2017)



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Other WCN CTMI tools also help SME expand its global trade and joint-venture partner horizon, such as 
CTMI-Chamber-eVault, ChamberTrust Pro and of course the official global ChamberDirectory are related tools.

In addition to general, free and public search at the ChamberDirectory, below is a selection of customized ChamberDirectory 'clusters' to help connect a SME to new markets via established local partners.


.::: BRIC - Brazil Russia India China

.::: South America - part 1 

.::: South America - part 2

.::: France-Germany -BeNeLux

.::: Ntl.  France

.::: NtL. Germany

.::: Northern Circumpolar w/
     Indigenous area

.::: High-Technology Zones 

.::: NtL. India



.::: NtL. USA

.::: Extended Pacific Northwest 
     (N. America)

.::: North America - NAFTA

.::: Canada-China Region 

.::: China & Region

.::: India Canada

.::: Mexico Canada

.::: Colombia Canada


Select Extended clusters - ChamberDirectory and other sources 
.::: SOPSED East Africa
.::: South Asia (per EU & Paris idf)
.::: Canada (extended)
.::: Manufacturing GBX Business Opps'