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Baseline Search for Buyers, Sellers, Partners worldwide

GBX, established over two decades ago, is a buy-sell-offer-search database. GBX collects specific, short-term business opportunities and trade leads....Listings and Searches for buyers, sellers, partners, resellers, trade representatives, joint ventures, asks & bids…GBX now comes in two versions that are combined in the database listings and search:

GBX is a
free listing version for short-term opportunities limited to a 4-month period

is a is good for 12 month (with renewal options) and has
several extra options compared to GBX

- focused on full company description with extra descriptive fields and space; WCN CTMI seal after basic validation 

- extra fields to link your company logo, brochures, online shop & video

- options to add and publish you firm's press releases in our Global Media Room' option whereby we host, on an accumulative basis, up to two press releases of your company (up to 24 per year).

- discount on CTMI-eVault service

GBXL is priced at only US $ 89 / yr. for the first year and US $ 49/ yr thereafter. GBXL is a good way to have your company's 'business card' displayed at one of the world's premier business site.

ona fide chamber of commerce and board of trade business members should register with .::: ChamberTrust Pro. which offers the same services as GBXL, but with additional verification and additional global trust mark 

Both GBXL and ChamberTrust Pro can also act as your 'home page' with a trusted-brand address, as well as reduced-cost access to other international tools such as the powerful CTMI Chamber-eVault for intellectual property protection and trade documentation. 


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Can you publish an opportunity for free or purchase the GBXL Option ? 

Any company, from any country, interested and/or engaged in export and/or import can publish a search/offer opportunity, as long as it is looking for a regional, national or international partner.

*If you do not have a website or reliable service provider, use the WCN CTMI ChamberTrust as your home base !




What are the benefits ?

f you have a precise short term search/offer, GBX is the place to be! It brings the global visibility of WCN CTMI and its focused qualified audience: exclusively companies, from all around the world, interested in export/import opportunities.

GBXL takes this a step further with its longer duration and extra features, going from a specific short-term business opportunity listing (i.e. to sell off extra inventory) to a genuine business-card and business description at the World Chambers Network and related sites.

Four easy steps to get GBXL

(GBXL signup in Q1 / 2020)




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Other WCN CTMI tools also help SME expand its global trade and joint-venture partner horizon, such as  CTMI-Chamber-eVault, ChamberTrust Pro and of course the official global ChamberDirectory are related tools.

In addition to general, free and public search at the ChamberDirectory, below is a selection of customized ChamberDirectory 'clusters' to help connect a SME to new markets via established local partners.


.::: BRIC - Brazil Russia India China

.::: South America - part 1 

.::: South America - part 2

.::: France-Germany -BeNeLux

.::: Ntl.  France

.::: NtL. Germany

.::: Northern Circumpolar w/
     Indigenous area

.::: High-Technology Zones 

.::: NtL. India



.::: NtL. USA

.::: Extended Pacific Northwest 
     (N. America)

.::: North America - NAFTA

.::: Canada-China Region 

.::: China & Region

.::: India Canada

.::: Mexico Canada

.::: Colombia Canada


Select Extended clusters - ChamberDirectory and other sources 
.::: SOPSED East Africa
.::: South Asia (per EU & Paris idf)
.::: Canada (extended)
.::: Manufacturing GBX Business Opps'